Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lil' Wayne Sues Cash Money

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"What I'm Doing, Getting Money; What We Doing, Getting Money;
What They Doing, Hating On Us; But They Neva Cross;
Cash Money Still a Company and B***h, I'm The Boss"

-Li'l Wayne in "Stuntin' Like My Daddy"

Recently, Lil' Wayne filed a $51 million lawsuit against Cash Money Records, for allegedly failing to pay him millions of dollars in royalties due.  Cash Money is still a company but, apparently, a very unscrupulous one; at least, according to Little Wayne, who has now changed his tune about his affinity for the record label.  In a 21-page lawsuit filed by Wayne (real name: Dwayne Carter, Jr.), the rapper brings to light the shady dealing of his "daddy" Birdman and Cash Money.  Wayne alleges that:

-He does not even own his own label, Young Money Entertainment.  Birdman is 51% owner.

-Cash Money failed to provide accounting statements to Young Money for years.

-Cash Money has failed to provide monthly accounting statements and/or failed to pay Young Money its share of receipts with regard to Drake’s recordings, who is signed to Young Money.

-Cash Money has failed to pay Young Money any royalties for recordings owned by Young Money.

-Cash Money failed to properly register the copyright in the Young Money Label recordings as jointly owned by Cash Money and Carter/Young Money LLC.

-Cash Money refused to sign artists that Wayne brought to Young Money.

-Cash Money failed to pay third parties (i.e. producers) involved in Young Money projects.

After some back and forth following the filing of the lawsuit, Lil' Wayne dismissed the suit originally filed in New York and refiled in Louisiana where Wayne was originally signed by Cash Money.  Cash Money threatened to challenge the venue if the case remained in New York.  The dispute continues with Lil' Wayne determined to get out of his contract with Cash Money.

It seems Wayne is the one hating on Cash Money now, to the tune of a $51 million lawsuit.  That's a lot A Millis.

co-drafted by Grant Stupeck, 2L, Indiana Tech Law School and andré douglas pond cummings