Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Bar Exam

Artist: I Self Devine
Track: Untitled
Album: Self Destruction

In my younger days the word was forbidden
Connected to stereotypes and bad images
Lazy and crazy, maybe foot shuffling
Ignorant lower class nigga that’s hustling
In first grade I was expelled off an incident
Involving the ‘n’ word and some white students
We could have sued but we chose different
I moved to another district, I was a misfit
And I learned the bomb on site
I felt it wasn’t right, so on the daily I would fight
These days old folks say that I’m backwards
To justify the ownership of such a bad word
I used to tell them, ‘You don’t understand the usage’
We played country club and made it exclusive
Black to black or people of color,
But the more we say it, the more they wanna play it
Lower class white cats think they got the right
Cause we shoulder to shoulder inside the urban plight
Don’t say nizzle or nilly when you’re near me
This ain’t the cool fashion
I’m speakin, it’s with passion
N-I-G-G to tha A, used on the block like every day
Word play sprinkled in the things we say
With no de-lay like everything is okay,
It’s getting twisted, the game is losing
All these rules so I think I won’t use it
White cats getting hurt in the process,
They call me racist, it’s just a big mess

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