Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Citing Lack of Funds, Attorney for C-Murder Asks to Withdraw from Case

Ron Rakosky, the attorney representing Corey Miller (a.k.a. C-Murder) in the retrial of his overturned murder conviction, has filed a motion to withdraw from the case due to Miller’s failure to pay him for “hundreds of hours” of legal work completed during the past three years. “Funding is a serious problem in this case,” Rakosky told The Times-Picayune of New Orleans.

Subject to home confinement while awaiting a new trial, Miller claims he has been unable to earn a steady income as a result of his legal woes and is thus unable to pay Rakosky. The former No Limit Records recording artist has even established the Corey Miller Innocence Fund to pay for his legal defense. However, his attempt at securing funding may have gotten him into even more trouble: prosecutors are now claiming that Miller violated a gag order by using the Fund website as “a vehicle to espouse his innocence and at the same time attack the Jefferson Parish judicial system,” according to a separate motion filed on Monday.

Judge Hans Liljeberg, who will hear arguments on the motions next week, cautioned Miller that the loss of Rakosky’s services could be detrimental to his cause. “He's done a great job for you,” Liljeberg reportedly told Miller. “You're doing yourself a great disservice by not having him sit next to you.”

Miller is accused of shooting and killing 16-year old Steve Thomas during a brawl at a Harvey, La., nightclub on January 12, 2002. He was initially convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. However, that conviction was overturned due to the prosecutor’s failure to inform defense attorneys about the criminal background of witnesses who testified against Miller. The start date of the new trial has been pushed back repeatedly, and is now scheduled for August 3.


  1. It seems like C-Murder should be able to get some money from Master P or Lil Romeo. Both of them seem to be financially secure, and would maybe have a little extra money. However, I don't know about the relationship between the family. And I could imagine Master P and Lil Romeo want to keep there distance from C-Murder and this bad situation.

    Hopefully he can come up with some cash to keep his lawyer. It's always a good sign when the judge is a fan of your lawyer!

  2. it appears as if the re-trial is simply postponing the inevitable conviction. if the original was overturned because of prosecutorial misconduct (not turning over a criminal record), it appears that a second jury will easily convict him of second degree murder again.

    does this mean that a public defender will be assigned to c-murder? the trial cannot proceed without an attorney in place, right?

  3. Make em say ughhhhh !!!! I'm broke, broke, broke

  4. If Miller really is as bad off financially as he claims, then he would seemingly be a candidate to receive public defender services. But defendants claiming indigency must make some type of affirmative showing to the court that they cannot afford adequate representation. It would be interesting to hear Miller explain how he got from his previously lifestyle to where he is today.

    At any rate, he should have plenty of sympathy from the office of the New Orleans Public Defender. It seems that they, too, are seeking funds:

  5. c murder is gettin how he lives i wish i had the money to pay for his attorney i would dam sure do it.he is goin to keep it real no matter if he is home or down the road.he should be a role model for all you fakes lames and bitch ass snitches we got walkin the streets

  6. I love C-Murder and if I was rich, I'd pay for his attorney! C-Murder is freaking awesome and I love his music!


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