Monday, April 13, 2009

Facing Murder Retrial, C-Murder Turns to Fans, Friends for Legal Expenses

With the retrial of his 2003 murder conviction scheduled to begin in exactly one week, Corey Miller, a.k.a. C-Murder, is taking an unusual approach to securing a proper legal defense.

The former No Limit Records recording artist has established the Corey Miller Innocence Fund, which asks family, friends and fans to donate $1,000 apiece to help underwrite his legal battle. Miller, the brother of hip hop mogul Percy Miller (a.k.a. Master P), has been on 24-hour home confinement while awaiting his retrial, a circumstance which he claims has rendered him unable to pay his legal fees.

Miller’s legal troubles stem from a 2002 incident at a nightclub in Harvey, Louisiana, in which he allegedly killed 16-year-old Steve Thomas with a single gunshot to the chest following an argument. In September 2003, Miller was convicted of second-degree murder and given a mandatory life sentence. However, just six months later, the judge in the case overturned the conviction and ordered a retrial, citing the prosecutor’s failure to inform Miller’s attorneys about the criminal background of witnesses who testified against Miller. Although an appeals court reversed the decision, the Louisiana Supreme Court reinstated the lower court’s ruling, ruling that the trial judge’s decision to grant a new trial “reflects a painstaking review of the evidence presented at trial and in the course of 13 post-conviction hearings, during which (she) became convinced that one of the state’s principal witnesses was ‘someone who is accustomed to lying.’”

Check back for more on the Corey Miller murder retrial in coming weeks.


  1. So what do investors get for their 1000 dollars? Free C-Murder albums for life? Free concerts? Mention in the liner notes? He needs to provide incentive for my grand.

  2. You want an incentive for your $1000? It's C-Murder, he is going to have your back for life! What more could you ask for.


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