Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Bar Exam

Artist: Jadakiss
Track: What If (feat. Nas)
Album: The Last Kiss

Take a second, what if we could rewind the hood?
Better yet, what if the L.O.X. woulda signed with Suge?
What if Puffy never signed us?
What if Oprah made them comments
Like Imus?
What if you designed this
Thought like I did?
Said it like this:
What if Peyton was fighting dogs instead of Mike Vick?
What if Arnold would just let Tookie get life?
What if B.I.G. missed the party,
What if 'Pac missed the fight?

What if you was caged in?
What would you change then?
What if there was no Rocafella law for "Made Men?"
What if hate ran through me?
And what if Portland
Would've drafted Jordan
Instead of Sam Bowie?
What if you really have to be nice to get a deal?
What if all of these rappers' ice was really real?
What if I hit you with the razor from cheek to chin?
What if Mike Jackson never would have bleached his skin?

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