Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Bar Exam

Artist: Black Rob
Track: Life Story
Album: Life Story

Never had a dime, my life a crime
Had me when I was nine, mom drunk off of wine
Ran with all kinds, her mind stayed wit the stupor
'til a point she paid no mind to the Super
Stay mad but stay frontin' with smiles
Stayed on the ground once and a while
First day of school never had nuttin' to style
Mister Colondre stressin' I ain't come in a while
It was a bummer, rocking the shit I rocked all summer
On the first day I was feeling some kind of way
and she wasn't trying to do nuttin'
You would think for the sake of the kids
she would enroll in school or somethin'
Now I know then was even harder
Especially for a single mother raising me with no father
Shit living up in this tenement, eating stale M&M's
Talking wild shit to Spanish immigrants
I speak in codes,
man "tu sabe"
Always "calle te" then “bendición” to mi madre
Even though she did nuttin' for me
Acknowledge me as I run down my life story

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