Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hip-Hop Scholarships a Reality?

Recently, one of the top selling R&B groups of all time, Boyz II Men, came together to talk about the initial planning of a hip-hop scholarship. They spoke at the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis and discussed everything from their high school days at the High School for Creative and Performing Arts to Will Smith and Jodeci.

Like Boyz II Men or not, the vast majority of folks listened to them in the early and mid-90's. It would have been difficult not to. While the R&B group in general has become a less marketable entity than the R&B soloist today, R&B groups dominated much of the 1990s with acts like Public Announcement, Next, 112, Silk, Shai, Mint Condition all holding strong fan bases. Boyz II Men was really out in front of this phenomenon

This marks a positive development for hip-hop that often hasn't been perceived as promoting traditional methods of education. This presents an encouraging development in hip-hop's giving back to the community. Because Boyz II Men are a mainstream voice in the larger urban music movement with cross-generational and genre appeal, this could greatly enhance the reputation of hip-hop and R&B artists especially as it relates to education.

Will other artists and groups follow suit?

For the full story and to watch a video of the interview, click here.

-- Nick J. Sciullo

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