Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where's my money? Jay-Z didn't pay his lawyers

News recently broke that Jay-Z, who is embroiled in legal troubles stemming from alleged New York labor law violations, is in need of legal representation. The law firm representing him in his wage dispute with his 40/40 club employees has asked to be withdrawn from the case. It's seldom that an attorney asks to be withdrawn and when it happens it's usually because there's a serious issue at play.

Too often attorneys, agents, and consultants have to track down the money they are rightfully owed. It's not simply attorneys waiting for court appointed work fees. It's not only solo practitioners representing everyone who comes through the door. Even large firms with well paid clients (Jay-Z makes about 80 million dollars a year) are sometimes in the weeds when it comes to collecting on bills.

Attorney Michael DiMattia wrote the letter asking to withdraw to Manhattan Federal Court Judge Loretta Preska. No decision has been made at this time.

Will Jay-Z pay? We'll have to wait and see.

Today's lesson: Pay your professional.

-- Nick J. Sciullo


  1. Sounds like his "people" are not doing their job. Jay probably does not open his own bills. He likely hired an accountant and/or personal assistant to handle such matters. Celebs need to have serious oversight over their hired professionals to make sure that nothing (including money) slips through the cracks.

    -Kamille Wolff

  2. I remember jay z sing a long with Linkin park and its really nice.


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