Friday, April 9, 2010

Hip Hop and Law School Admissions?

At the Veritas Prep Blog, last month was “Hip Hip Month” which included a post on how hip hop can help law students in the admissions process. The post describes how “introspection, emotion, and brutal honesty” are qualities that elevate hip hop and these are the qualities of winning personal statements. These qualities are what makes hip hop memorable and relevant and cause people to become invested in it – exactly the reaction a potential law student wants to see from the person reading their personal statement.

Directly from the Veritas Prep Blog:

"By now, you HAVE to be wondering: what can you, the law school applicant, possibly learn from a rapper?

It's pretty simple, actually: what you can learn is how to tell a story. Rappers - the good ones at least - are ultimately storytellers. The hip hop album generally considered to be the best ever recorded - Nas' Illmatic - is basically a spoken word version of his life's journal. The late great Tupac Shakur transitioned easily from "gangsta rap" to books of poetry and back again. These guys gave us tales of their life, made the words rhyme, and put it all over produced beats and sounds. That was their way of telling a story within the confines of a particular form.

Law school applicants also have the challenge of telling their unique story within the confines of a form . . . the personal statement."

The post can be found here.

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