Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Blog Projects on Teaching Law

I know that many of us who read this blog are also concerned about teaching, particularly teaching law. My colleague, Jena Martin Amerson and I have started two new blogs: (1) Teaching Law in the 21st Century and (2) Thoughts about Citizens United.

Thoughts on Citizens United is designed to provide an opportunity for students who read and analyze issues ranging from corporations, election law, constitutional law and other related disciplines to comment and construct their own knowledge of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. Professors in relevant areas are welcome to direct themselves and their students to the Thoughts on Citizens United page. Teaching Law in the 21st Century is designed to be a forum for professors from law and higher education generally to discuss how to reach the Internet generation. I hope that the audience of this blog would find this of interest given the fact that the so-called "post-hip hop" generation is also the Internet generation (a generation which, as I alluded to in an earlier post, uses the Internet for self and political expression). Together, these blogs represent an opportunity to think about and apply practices designed to reach the Millenials.

We hope you will join the discussions at Teaching Law in the 21st Century and Thoughts on Citizens United.

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