Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Gifts for the Hip-Hop/Law Theorist in Your Life

I thought I'd make an attempt to suggest some awesome gift ideas for folks who regularly read this blog... These ideas promise to be vaguely humorous and only marginally "good" as far as gifts go... the list is not exclusive... in general, I'll take any gifts anyone is willing to send me...

In no particular order...

For the reader...
1) New Atlantis: Musicians Battle for the Survival of New Orleans by John Swenson.

This book isn't even out yet, but it looks promising. Swenson is a veteran of the music scene and the book is sure to deliver a riveting look at this tragedy-stricken city. Find it on Amazon here.

2) The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop by Dan Charnas.

A veteran hip-hop journalists tackles the big business of hip-hop. This book is comprehensive in its scope and offers insights into some of the biggest characters in hip-hop over the last 35 years. Find it on Amazon here.

3) Magic City: Trials of a Native Son by Trick Daddy.

I'm not sure Trick Daddy needed to write an autobiography. I'm also not sure how many people are listening to his music. But, if you're interested in Miami as a Mecca for hip-hop, then give this book a read. Find it on Amazon here.

For the student...
1) OGIO® - Hip Hop Messenger Bag

Everyone needs to carry their stuff around. A messenger bag is always a good option. I'm not sure what makes this "hip-hop." Depending on the standard for "hip-hop-ness," I have a nice coffee table that has been known to hold a hip-hop book, so perhaps I own a hip-hop coffee table. Get this bag at Amazon here.


I don't know how many people use mousepads anymore, but how could you possibly go wrong here? I mean... this mousepad says it all. And in your rag-tag residence, you'll need something to show guests. Find it on Amazon here.

3) The Bluebook, 19th Edition.

Love it or hate it, you need it. How are you going to produce that awesome law review article without it? There's nothing particularly hip-hop here, but it gets high marks for scholarly appeal. Get it on Amazon here.

For the family...
1)Boy's White Infant T-Shirt with Hip Hop (Bronx) Design

There's no better way to advertise the newest addition to your family than by advertising your love of hip-hop. Who doesn't like an old skool turntable? Find it on Amazon here.

2) Hip Hop Abs Package

It's time to get in shape... hip-hop style. Results not guaranteed. Find it on Amazon here.

3) Animated Tabletop Hip Hop Mummy Cat

I don't know what this is, why one would want it, or even if it is actually "hip-hop." But it's there in the title, so it must be. It's actually scary. Find it on Amazon here.

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