Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reporting on the State of the Union Address Pamela D. Bridgewater live on location in a bar in DC

...leaving aside for moment the current debate in this bar as to whether Michelle Obama has on a wig, I would like to set the stage for my viewing "party" for the President's State of the Union Address. First off, I am in a bar eating fried chicken livers and drink the nicest Malbec Ive had in a long while. The bar is Langston's Bar and Grille and it is classic DC - ole school DC - fashionable, sassy and generous. Also, this place, like DC is demanding - bring your A game, no matter what it is, politics, pool, music, money - just bring it! Well, Im here and I have brought my A game (one of them at least). Tonight my A game is hunger and something particular from our President. My chicken livers and wine were right on so I'm able to listen particularly well for the President to speak to the people I think have been off of the this Administration's radar screen - working class folks. Im pleased to report that I am pleased! The President, although smug and flippant at times (he cant help his swag) mentioned (with a lot of comedy peppered throughout): Student loan, Community banks, small business loans and health Care. These will have important impact in the lives of the hip hop nation! My favorite line so far is that Democrats must solve problems Not run for the hills.

need to order my peach cobbler so please tuned - more in a minute.....

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  1. OK inclusive someone too important as a the president of United State can take a normal and do normal activities, besides the food is awesome in that place.


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