Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of The Union: The Streets "Is" talking Pt II

... eating peach cobbler actually but you know what I mean. Well, I wish I had something to offer from the streets re: the Republican response to the President's speech but the music started up just as the new Gov of Virginia took the podium. I have no idea what he said. The only thing I know about he response is that the black woman sitting behind the Gov warranted a couple of comments (nothing nice sister, sorry). I will have to catch him on youtube and see what the what. Anyway, back to the President ... right after I signed off to order my cobbler, the POTUS vowed to work with Congress and military personal to repeal Dont Ask Dont Tell. Ok that's a feel good moment. I'm for that because although I'm as against gays shooting people in unjust wars as I am straight people, military service has been poor people's ticket to health care, social mobility and travel for many years. But let's be clear, the President pulled a fast one I think. He did not issue an executive order repealing the exclusionary policy - he vowed to work on it. Therefore success will be measured by whether he worked on it or not. Having worked on it but not repealed it will not mean a great deal to all those queer people who look to the military (despite its faults) to feed their children, have pap smears and to see the world. We will have to see I guess. In the meantime, Kanye's calling " la la wait to I get my money right!" I am going to sign off here and pick this up tomorrow. peace people, PB

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